About Us

Jaro FinCap Pvt Ltd is a Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC), registered with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) & is operating under Trade Name jaro finance. Jaro FinCap Pvt Ltd, was formerly known as Nambiar Finance & Leasing Pvt Ltd & the name is changed w.e.f. September, 2017 with prior approval of R.O.C. as well as R.B.I.

jaro finance is mainly formed to meet financial needs of ‘Underserved’ clients & ‘Missing Middle’ business enterprises with a balanced objective of social cause& reasonable profitability.

The concept of ‘Underserved’ or ‘Missing Middle’ category implies those individual borrowers and micro & small business units, who are not able to access formal banking facilities i.e meet their increasing credit needs from banking sector.

jaro finance aims to hand hold the clients to enable themto increase their business & earning capacity . The objective is to make them bankable so that they can move to formal banking channel over a period of three to five years to meet their future financial requirements.

The company works with real business enterprises that one can touch and feel in life every day and create real impact on the ground. Our customers include all the way from small shop owners, flower vendors, maids, masons to small and medium enterprises that form the backbone of India’s economy.

NBFC Registration No : B – 13.01496

CIN No: U65990MH1996PTC097225